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Power of Naad and the Sacred Sound Current


5 Hours Continuing Education Credits (Yoga Alliance)

Sunday February 17th


Lifestyles Yoga Studio, Nanaimo

The Universe is made up of vibration and sound is not only a most potent tool in maintaining and creating our sense of well-being, but also can be used to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

"Naad means “the essence of all sound,” the vibrational harmony of the Infinite. Naad Yoga is based on the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body, mind, and spirit...It’s as if mantra and breath are the conductors of a symphony and you are the composer. You can change the notes of the symphony, to create chords of happiness, sadness, vitality, or calmness. This capacity is inherent in our design and requires no special drug or belief. This process of creation exists because every one of our molecules is in communication with every cell and thought. The power of mantra uses sound, breath, and rhythm to command our mind, brain, emotions, body, and actions." ~ Excerpts from The Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Training Manual

We will Explore:

  1. Experience the sacred sound current through mantra, breath and rhythm.

  2. Learn Meditations to support your nervous system, and "change the channel" of self-defeating patterns.
  3. Learn the philosophy of naad, laya and shuniya.
Naad and the Sacred Sound Current Workshop
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