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The Grounding Power of the Root - Releasing Fears with Kundalini Yoga


With Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500

Being completely present with yourself can be hard to do. We can go through great lengths to be numb ourselves from this feeling on a daily basis through our choices, and most especially our thoughts. Being in this world is having both feet rooted in the ground while having the human experience. Being grounded also makes you committed to your path and helps put into action that which you see from the higher centers.

When we are grounded we are more able to do the big emotional work of acceptance.”  Gurmukh

“The barriers to change lay deep in the subconscious and are not easy to access with your rational, thinking mind. These blocks can be released through the chakra balancing practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.” Gloria Latham

“Acceptance is the opposite of judgement.” Jay Suttonbrown

Join Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500 for a powerful workshop designed to awaken your power and potential with Kundalini Yoga. Hosted by Jan Norman Yoga, come and discover how to source the gifts of the first chakra, and surrender the shadow aspects as we clear blocks related to fear, worthiness and lack. This workshop is sure to leave you with clarity, insight, and will empower your possibilities.

  • Date: Saturday October 28th, 2017
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Place: Cherry Creek Community Centre, Port Alberni
Kundalini Yoga in the Garden
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