Yoga is not about self-improvement. Yoga is about self-acceptance.
— Gurmukh

The Transformation and Inner Alignment Program

This program is open to all Yoga students. Current Yoga Teachers may enroll in this program to achieve their RYT 500 designation.

Change and learning are life-long. In our modern age, full of complexity and challenge, we require tools to live life to our fullest potential. Everything is moving faster, and we have less time. This increases fear and insecurity. We require more love, and unity for balance. We must maintain mental, emotional and physical strength and flexibility. Intellect and knowledge are not enough, we need wisdom. Complexity will continue to increase, we need to deal with it.

This enriched program offers a vast toolkit to help you to empower yourself. Each section will promote clarity, clear fears, build self-trust, soften the ego's control over habits, emotions and thoughts, strengthen the nervous system, and teach you to go inward to source energy and regenerate your spiritual fitness.

The sections may be taken in any order. Experience with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is recommended. You are welcome to join us for weekly classes here, or contact us for more information.

Apply for your Advanced Certification (become an RYT 500)

Teachers are required to complete 300 Advanced Training hours with one school to be eligible for RYT-500 certification. Once registered with the Manipura Yoga College, Teachers may select modules that serve their growth, and register for each module as their schedule/budget permits. Students may take up to three years to complete their modules, but recognize modules offered may change.

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