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Yogi Yoga Wear


Jay Suttonbrown is pleased to be an Ambassador of Yogi Yoga Wear. Made from 100% recycled material, 97% UV protected, made in the USA by actual sewing teams (not sweat-shops), and artfully designed by Nina Joy Rizzo... this gear is AWESOME. The leggings compliment every body, and stay ON. The art is one of a kind. You got to check this out!


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Manual

Stress Revolution Image.jpg

Stress Revolution is complete four week program designed to strengthen your nervous system, support your endocrine system, and dissolve the blocks and barriers of chronic stress with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Each week you are offered powerful Kriyas, a 7 day Meditation, and a Compassion practice to move into centered, empowered calm. Live links connect you to music and resources. This is a useful teaching manual or program for personal use. 


Solace Wellness Centre, Nanaimo

Solace Logo.jpg

The Solace Wellness Centre is a registered massage clinic in a casual and warm setting. 

Their mission is to provide a professional, friendly, and safe atmosphere to support each individual on his or her unique path to wellness.

They offer convenient online booking and direct bill to many extended health insurers.  Their  Registered Massage Therapists  strive to offer the highest standard of care by providing accurate information, current research and years of experience with the therapies they provide..